Indian FS Shringla’s Visit to Nepal and Nepali Demands

As India’s Foreign Secretary Harsh V. Shringla is visiting Kathmandu on Friday, November 26, 2020, the ruling Nepal Communist Party’s senior leader Bhim Rawal ( former home minister and defense minister) lays out some recommendations to India for improving Indo-Nepal  ties ( from The Kantipur Daily):

  1. Review the unequal 1950 treaty, receive Eminent Person Group’s report or else include the matters in the regular meeting agendas. Not interfere on Nepal procuring defense equipment from anywhere
  2. End the recruitment of Nepalis into Indian Gorkha Rifle, which was started when Nepalis lost a war to British, and not use existing Nepali Gorkhas against Nepal’s friendly countries
  3. Pull out from the encroached Kalapani, Lipu Lekh and Limpiadhura regions and let Nepal use its sovereign territories.
  4. Implement Mahakali river treaty, if not, review in ten years and scrap. Provide Nepal equal area of land that was covered in Sharada barrage construction. Compensate Nepalis who are yet to receive that from Koshi barrage construction, and provide Nepal its due share of water from Gandaki dam.  
  5. Provide equal treatment for Nepal’s agricultural products, meats and fisheries and newspapers and books like India does in Nepal.
  6. End shady intelligence activities and conduct transparent diplomatic and political engagement
  7. Stop statements and behaviors that disrespect Nepal’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and independent policymaking, both internal and external
  8. Be clear about Nepal’s non-alignment policies. And Nepal will continue to assure India that Nepali land will not be used against India.
  9. Exchange Indian Rupees 1000 bills from Nepal’s central bank, dumped after India’s demonetization policy.
  10. Accept Nepal’s existing laws on extradition, international standards, and no interference.
  11. Accept the supremacy of Nepal’s law on Indian investment and use of Nepali resources.

(Source: Kantipur, November 25, 2020)

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