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Extraordinary story of a young social worker


Nepal Matters for America features Mr. Arjun Khadka from Connecticut, USA for his exemplifying passion and dedicated social work in Nepal. Arjun, originally from Kathmandu Nepal, is based in Connecticut, USA and has gone beyond borders in helping the Nepalese in need.  A hardworking young man who landed in the US two decades ago now runs a restaurant in New Haven, CT.

Arjun is taking the responsibility of daily ration of 27 children at a social organization —Pabitra Sewa Samaj Nepal — in Nepal.  Arjun strongly believes that children have the right to good food, health and education. Besides, he is continuously reaching out to persons who are in a desperate situation. To mention a few, he is helping women with cancer or persons with kidney failures in their expensive treatments. He is also helping different selfless projects and social organizations working to promote women’s rights, Samida Women Development Forum, Nepal is one of them.

He thinks that it is the will that enables everyone to do social work, and not necessarily the financial status. Although Arjun does not do social work to gain popularity, many people do admire him a lot for his unbelievable care and support for the people in need in Nepal. Many touching testimonies in social media given by families in trouble who were supported by Arjun are the strong evidence of his sincerity and determination to help others.

Needless to say that Nepal is among the poorest of the poor countries, and the citizens do not have a public health security system. What Nepal needs is more persons like selfless Arjun whose help would mean a lot for many people. The national television of Nepal has also featured him for his extraordinary social work.

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